Funeral Services

We strive to make each funeral service a personal tribute to the life that has been lived, providing a wide variety of choices that will help fulfill a family's wishes, from a traditional funeral to a personalized service that celebrates a loved one's hobbies and interests. Our funeral directors are fully committed to helping you create a special tribute to honor the life of your loved one. E Pamela Small encourages you to share your ideas, customs and wishes with us so we can make the funeral perfect.

Cremation Services

Whether you're just planning for the future, or you need immediate cremation services, E Pamela Small can accommodate your every need. Preplanning can make it easier for your family and friends, because they will be informed of your wishes and will be able to fulfill them.

Coffins, Urns & Caskets

We make it easier for you by supplying you with a wide selection of coffins, urns, and caskets through our funeral home. There's no need to look elsewhere. We have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs to fit many tastes.

Funeral Music

Personalize the funeral by endowing the proceedings with the personality of the person lost, using funeral music. Give vibrancy to the ceremony and truly celebrate their life by utilizing our funeral music services. We can provide an organist, pre-recorded music to choose from, or a music system on which you can play funeral music of your choice.

Funeral Flowers

We can assist you in choosing the perfect funeral flower arrangements for the ceremony. Funeral flowers are a traditional and effective way of expressing your condolences and honoring the passing of friends and loved ones.

Funeral Cars

We can provide dignified transportation service at an affordable rate. No matter where you are in Barbados, we can come and retrieve the body and transport it to our funeral home where we'll prepare it for the funeral ceremony.

Funeral Financing

We can help to create an affordable funeral plan customized to your budget. Let us remove your money worries so you can focus on celebrating the life of your friend or loved one.

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